Drexel Welcome Week

Wow!  College has been a blast this past week.  I start classes tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited.  I ate a lot of great food, drank coffee (a lot of it too), and had some fun adventures throughout Philly.  I started out the week with an orientation of my specific degree.  I am so happy that I found Drexel’s unique program!  I am now a part of a group of people who are as passionate about food as me.  For orientation, we had a scavenger hunt around the city (my group won!), followed by freshly milled spelt/wheat pizza dough with which we made our own personal pizzas.  The salad we ate was straight from the garden next to major’s my building — in the middle of Philadelphia!

This garden is one of the oldest community gardens in Philly, and is called Summer Winter Community Garden.  Drexel has numerous raised beds in it where we grow an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  I can already tell that this garden is going to be my reading/relaxing/doing homework spot throughout the year!


Lettuce from the garden topped with pickled vegetables, cucumbers and tomatoes! (the pickled beets were amazing)

The garden is full of beets, tomatoes, chard, thyme, beans, chilis, lettuce, and much much more!


Spotted: Drexel Bread Lab at Whole Foods! So excited to be a part of this program.


Introduced my friend from Romania, Tori, to Trader Joe’s — the home of all things pumpkin spice!!


A New Drexel Dragon Welcome Party at the Franklin Institute!


A view of Philly from a rooftop park

This week has been so hectic that I don’t have a recipe to share with everyone.  My first culinary class is tomorrow!  I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen where I feel at home.  Recipes and stories will be plentiful in the weeks to come! 🙂

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