Cherry Grove Farm

These past two summers I worked for Cherry Grove Farm. It has opened my eyes and made me appreciate knowing the source of my food.

I worked milking cows, making cheese, going to farmers markets, and  managing the store.  Part of my job was also to make recipe cards for people so they had fun ideas for what they could do with our meats, cheeses, and eggs


Milking time!


My favorite cow



This calf is named Bill


We have hives all over the farm that we harvest honey from.

At Cherry Grove, we work hard to create raw milk cheeses from the unpasteurized milk of our cows. We also sell pork, lamb, beef and rose veal.  Our eggs are from heritage breeds of chickens, and in any given dozen you can find brown, blue, green, pale, or even light purple eggs!

Anyway, I will get to the real reason for this post.  Every year we host a festival called the COW PARADE.  Before you ask, YES, we do parade cows down the lane during the festival.  Each year the parade because exponentially more fun and exciting.  This year, we are having two local food trucks, a ton of artisanal vendor, face painting, hay rides, farm tours, and of course, the CAKE OFF!  Once it gets late, we light a huge bonfire to make s’mores and listen to music around.

Save the date — November 4, starts at 11 am, located at Cherry Grove Farm in Lawrenceville, NJ.  I am so excited for the Cow Parade this year, I am coming home just for it!  Hopefully I have time to enter the bake off as well, but that will all be dependent on school work.


Cherry Grove Farm

I would like to give picture credits to my friend Graeme.  He has a ton of nice photos from his days on the farm, and kindly shared some with me for this blog post!

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