Dragons Dine at Lunch Time

So this week I have done a lot of food related things so far! (I guess I do that every week…)

One of my favorite things I did was go out to lunch today!

This lunch was special because it was made by students at Drexel.  The students in this class are responsible to carry out a full lunch service.  The meal they serve is a four course meal, and they are graded throughout the entire process.  The food and the dining experience they provide is extremely high quality! Once I saw the menu I knew that I needed to document the whole meal for a special blog post!

Every Thursday (sometimes Friday too) for the term you can make a reservation to dine in the Academic Bistro. It is a low price for students and other people too, and not many people know about it! A special thanks to everyone who made this lunch happen – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My friends that I ate lunch with – we all enjoyed our meals!


Pesto swirl bread, served with fresh butter, and a white bean dip


Fresh milled focaccia (with a bite taken out of it…)


Greens from the garden, with pine nuts, shaved cheese, and a light vinaigrette.  So simple.  So good.


Seared salmon (cooked perfectly) with potatoes and garlic-y greens


Quiche (inside was sun dried tomato, provolone, and basil) with a fennel tomato salad.


Handmade fettuccine topped with a pork ragu

Unfortunately, our lunch was cut short because we had a Chemistry lecture at 1.  But, we got our dessert wrapped up and carried it out with us.  The crepe was amazing.  Along with dessert, we got little baggies filled with a homemade marshmallow, a pate de fruit, and a mini madeleines.

I am working on a recipe and post for later this week!  I am also recipe testing in the Food Lab at Drexel too – very confidential stuff going on, I shouldn’t even be typing these words about it.

Just kidding.

Have a nice night!

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