Made in Philadelphia Fall Fest

My friends and I traveled into Center City to the Made is Philadelphia Fall Fest this past weekend.  It was right outside City Hall, and full of local vendors selling soap, chocolates, cookies, wooden crafts, clothes, and much more.  I love walking around and talking to the vendors about their product because usually they are passionate about the things they are making.

City Hall is only a little over a mile from campus, and is so much fun to walk on a nice fall afternoon.  Philly has so many events every weekend it is amazing!  I try to keep up with the fun things going on such as the Harvest Fest at Reading Terminal Market tomorrow (yes, I am going), food places to try (I have a huge list), and the events that take place in university city (aka pumpkin painting)!

School always comes first though–  I don’t go out unless I can enjoy the experience without thinking about something that I need to get done or haven’t finished and is due soon.  It is all about balance!

Here are some photos of the vendors that stood in front of City Hall.  Not pictured are places such as a handmade cutting board shop (I had a long conversation with him about he beautiful boards), numerous bakeries, soap/scrub makers, and much more.


Soaps and scrubs, all homemade.  My favorite was the pumpkin scented of course.



My sister and I have a decorated cookie business that we had fundraisers for different organizations in high school.  These decorated sugar cookies remind me of the ones my sister and I make.  They are some of the cutest designs I have ever seen! My favorite is the pickup truck with a giant pumpkin in the back.


Artwork at the Fall Fest

“Magical mushrooms” and chocolate covered figs filled with ganache.  One day I am going to make filled figs – I love them so much!


Seasonal caramel and spice pumpkin truffles

This weekend I am planning on doing more fun things with my friends! I also have a few recipes that I am working on to share with everyone! Stay tuned.

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