Hummus Where the Heart Is

My overwhelming love for hummus makes trips to Dizengoff some type of joyous holiday.  I keep at least three different types of hummus in my fridge at school – it is the perfect snack with veggies to have throughout the week!

Dizengoff’s hummus is a whole different level, even breed, of hummus.  The warm pita, cucumber, pickled veggies, your special topping, and the tahini based, creamy hummus is out of this world.  The hummus in my fridge can’t even compete.

Two of my friends and I traveled into Center City so they could try Dizengoff.  Along the way home we stopped at the Harvest Fest at Reading Terminal Market as well.   I hope to make more weekend trips just like this one in the future.


Nora got the chicken hummus, with a soft boiled egg


Mariia kept it simple with the tahini hummus and a soft boiled egg.  This was her first time having hummus and she loved it!


The Reading Terminal Market Harvest Fest took over a whole street and was filled with fall treats.


My friends and I, along with a….pumpkin (?) and a scarecrow.  I had to grab the gooseneck gourd for the photo because they are my favorite gourd.

Halloween and fall themed cookies!

Pumpkin fudge, Apple pie fudge, Pumpkin gingersnap fudge and more!


Giant pans of paella cooking outside!


Caramel apples and candy apples!


Overall, this food-filled day was so much fun! I am grateful that I am able to go to school in such an amazing city like Philadelphia.  Stay tuned for more great adventures over my next four years here!

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