Reading Terminal Market & Magic Gardens

A few weeks ago I was able to visit Reading Terminal Market with other people in my college at Drexel.  A Drexel alumna, named Layla El Tannir, works in Special Projects at Reading Terminal Market.  She spoke to us, and answered an abundance of questions, then gave us a quick tour of the market.  I learned so much about all the vendors and the hard work that goes into the market daily.  This market opened in 1892 (fun fact: Drexel opened it’s door in 1891!) and is still an amazing place to visit when in Philly.



Wow, if that doesn’t defy gravity, I don’t know what does



Cold brew

Pig ears, with my head as a size comparison to these massive “ears”



An array of spices, the selection here is amazing.  I am told it is the best variety/selection in Philly

This is one of the newer merchants at Reading Terminal Market.  Their cinnamon sugar pie fries inspired me to make my own recipe for them!  I always use the leftover pie dough to make cinnamon sugar sticks, but why not skip the pie, and just make the sticks?!

Fast forward a few more weeks and Reading Terminal Market now has more new vendors (including a vegan merchant!) and new hours (every day 8-6)!  I have stopped by with friends a few times since the initial tour, and I love buying the $1 “grab bags” from the produce stands to have with hummus.   I also have bought great sweet potatoes to cook in the microwave or roast in the oven if I have time.

One of my favorite things to do is grab a coffee from Old City Coffee, along with a 1/4 lb of grounds to make coffee for the week.  On Friday, I got a coffee with my friend, Troy, to warm up while we made our way around the market to pick up the other things we wanted – it was perfect!  Drexel shuttles and septa make trips to Reading Terminal Market quick and easy, but walking there is always nice if the weather is accommodating.


We visited Magic Gardens before heading to Reading Terminal Market


Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens was created by a mosaic artist named Isaiah Zagar


If you want to learn more or visit Philadelphia Magic Gardens, go onto this website for more information


All different types of peanut butter! Butterscotch is my favorite.


Troy ordered the dumplings from a stand across from Old City Coffee.

Even with my busy schedule, I love to take time to explore or do a fun activity each weekend.  Reading Terminal Market is always a fun stop to make during these trips out with friends. Philly is an amazing and exciting place to be going to school in!





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