So Long Freshman Year at Drexel

Today is my last day of my freshman year at Drexel, and I am upset that I have to leave all the amazing people I have met. The experiences and friends I have made are what make Drexel feel like home to me.  

These last 10 weeks have been so crazy, with classes, and spending time with my friends (hence, the lack of recent blog posts). With summer here, expect to hear more from me about exciting projects and trips – I plan to grow micro greens, brew kombucha, ferment sourdough, travel, and much more over these next few months.

Remember when I made that gingerbread house that looked like boathouse row? Well, Nora and I finally decided that we should use our $100 gift cards at Urban Farmer to celebrate the end of a great school year.  Among all our studying, Nora, my friend Cat, and I made a reservation, dressed up, and had an amazing meal to finish out the year!

Two salads to start- a Caesar salad (Nora’s favorite) and a beet salad with burrata.
We ordered two entrees and a bunch of sides to share!
This is the cauliflower steak from Urban Farmer.  It was my favorite dish by far.  The steak sat on a bed of vegetable lentils, and was topped with a chickpea tomato mash.  I love the concept of cauliflower steak at a steak house! (we got normal steak too!)
Dessert was a chocolate sampling along with tea and a latte that we all shared.  We sat and talked for over an hour after dinner while sipping on our drinks.

The weekend before, Nora, Cat, and I also took a trip to NYC to see Mean Girls on Broadway.  We got the tickets and transportation for an extremely discounted price through the Community Activities Board (CAB).  We got coffee at a cute cafe, walked around Central Park, had lunch at a great restaurant, and saw the show- a busy, but amazing day!


Nora had a flight on Wednesday morning, so I woke up early to say our final goodbyes.  It still hasn’t hit me that I won’t see her or Cat until Cat and I take a road trip to the camp she is working at in the Adirondack Mountains this summer.

Floor 7 of Millennium Hall!

This year has been a challenging, exhausting, and incredible. This summer is going to be one of the best summers yet, but I cant wait to come back home to Drexel in the fall.

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