Vermont – Shelburne Farm Getaway

I returned from Vermont a few days ago, and had a wonderful, relaxing week.  My parents, myself, and my two dogs, Kale and Barley, all stayed at Shelburne Farms in a small cottage.

Shelburne Farms in a National Historic Landmark on the coast of Lake Champlain.  It contains over 1,400 acres of working farmland.  They are a nonprofit organization that educates others for a sustainable future.  Through their dairy, Market Garden, and woodlands, they share their knowledge of sustainable agriculture and creating a healthier future for others. They produce cheddar cheese from their herds of purebred Brown Swiss cows (they milk over 100 cows twice a day), pasture-raised lamb, pasture raised beef and veal, pasture-raised, whey fed pork, pastured eggs, and maple syrup.

The cottage we stayed in was so cozy!
We watched the sun set each night over Lake Champlain.

They have trails that go around the whole farm on which we walked at least twice per day.  On our walks, there were amazing views.  My mom loved their “unlawning” patches of grass where Shelburne Farms is “creating habitat for pollinators”.  My parents say they are going to do that with our lawn haha!

Two*Three* roads diverged in a wood and I- I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost

My parents, Kale, and Barley going for a walk, and Kale outside while we wait for a table at a sourdough pizza place (their pizza dough was amazing).

My homemade iced chai latte, and Kale taking a nap while I read a book.


The animals we saw on our walks were so charming and friendly.  The sheep came up to us for petting and the herd of heifers came from far in the fields after a clicked my tongue a few times.  I gave then scratches on the head and the herd continued to follow my mom and I.  Petting the heifers made me miss my job at Cherry Grove Farm.  Cows are all have their own personality and can truly brighten your day!

The town of Shelburne, Vermont where we stayed had many shops, and a small grocery store that somehow contained everything I could EVER want in a grocery store! Burlington, Vermont was about a 20 minute drive north, and had an abundance of cute shops and restaurants, as well as a wonderful farmers market on Saturdays.  

August First Bakery was my favorite place we ate at on the trip! It is a farm to table cafe, and the food was delicious! For lunch one day I had this kale with a soft boiled egg, lemon vinaigrette, grain, and avocado salad.
On our last morning before heading home, we returned to August First Bakery.  I got a yogurt blueberry smoothie bowl with homemade granola, toasted coconut, and banana. Yet again, delicious.

We bought a loaf of 7 grain bread to take home and I got a golden milk latte (turmeric is what make this spicy drink so vibrant).  I am going to try to recreate this golden milk latte in the upcoming weeks-it was THAT good.

Pictured above are some candy-like carrots and a rutabaga I bought from the farmers market, along with an oat milk cappuccino.

I also ended up getting sugar snap pea sprouts, pickled fiddleheads, immense amounts of chocolate (Lake Champlain chocolate is so good), blackberry ginger balsamic vinegar, and a hand-carved walnut/cherry rolling pin from Vermont Rolling Pins & Co.  The rolling pin is a beautiful French rolling pin that I fell in love with the moment I saw it.

One of the many vegetable stands at Burlington Farmers Market!
Here is the rolling pin I bought!
Our final stop on the way out of Vermont was the Vermont Flannel Store where I bought myself this cozy flannel jacket that I probably won’t take off all fall.

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