Traveling in Netherlands and Belgium

My home for the next five weeks is Montpellier, France where I will be taking classes and exploring as many places as possible. Before I settled in Montpellier, my best friend Nora and I traveled through Amsterdam, Bruges, and Brussels.

Nora and I flew to London, and then took a connecting flight to Paris. In the airport, we ate tofu spring rolls with homemade peanut sauce. It was a great start to our trip! Spring rolls are one of my favorite refreshing dinners. I will post the recipe to my homemade ginger peanut sauce once I am back in the states!

After a longggg day of travel starting at Newark Airport, Nora and I arrived in Paris around 7 pm on Sunday. After checking into our tiny hotel, we found a cute restaurant on a canal near our hotel in the 19th Arrondissement. There was live music and delicous food. We ordered a salad, roasted vegtables, bread, sauces, and a mojito.

The next morning, Nora and I explored Montmartre area and Sacre-Coeur. Our train left for Amsterdam, Netherlands around 6 pm, and we arrived late at night to our next stop.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Nora and I decided to rent bikes for our two days in Amsterdam. The majority of people in Amsterdam bike. You barely even see cars! Nora and I were able to travel to many parts of the city and get lost on the side streets while we navigated from place to place.

The first day in Amsterdam started with espresso and then brunch at a cute restaurant. We ate lox and egg sandwiches occompanied by mimosas with fresh squeezed orange juice. The rest of our time in Amsterdam was spent shopping (I got a mug that reminds me of vanilla beans), picnicing in the park, biking, and drinking coffee (sooo much coffee). Another fun part about Amsterdam was tasting food products that are not found in the states, such as matcha oatmilk lattes, mocha oatmilk lattes and barista oatmilk available all over Amsterdam!

Bruges, Belgium:

Our next stop was Bruges, Belgium. We arrived late at night and stayed on the top floor of a 4 story house, close to a park where sheep roam. The next morning we got a delcious breakfast before walking around all day, and exploring the tourist filled streets.

There is a path surrounding the “egg” of Bruges, which still has four windmills standing. It was beautiful to walk in the morning. On our second day in Bruges, Nora and I signed up for a beer tasting and waffle making class that was a ton of fun! Waffles specific to this region of Belgium use yeast and sparkling water, which we replaced with beer.

Brussels, Belgium:

Our last stop of the week before heading to Montpellier was Brussels, Belgium. Nora and I were wandering around the whole city and ran into a parade! Hundreds of people were dressed up and horses pulled floats down the street. Sunset over the city was beautiful as well.

I loved the week long trip that Nora and I took. Once we settle down to study in Montpellier, there will be more time for weekend traveling, but only with a backpack this time!

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