IMG_4069Hi and welcome to my blog.  My name is Lauren Miller, and I started this blog to share my favorite recipes, and my love for wholesome, fresh, local, and real food.

Philadelphia is where I call home. I am a sophomore at Drexel University.  I am majoring in Food Science/Culinary Arts, which combines my love for science, and my love for all things food.

It all started when my mom taught me how to make chocolate chip cookies….



Later, in high school,  I started a small decorated cookie business through which I sold custom decorated cookies to family and friends.  Check out pictures of some of the cookies and the cookie recipe here.

In high school I also worked on a local, sustainable dairy farm that produced raw cow’s milk cheese. There, I milked cows, made cheese, and worked at farm markets.  I still help out at farm to table dinners occasionally.  Working there helped me come to appreciate the labor that goes into creating amazing food. Knowing the background to everything I am eating, cooking, or baking just makes every bite more delicious.

Other things that are important in my life include my two dogs named Kale and Barley. Kale and I are a therapy team at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Follow my journey in exploring local, wholesome, healthy, and delicious food.


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