Meet Lauren

Hi! I am Lauren Miller!

(the pun is very much intended with the name of my blog)

“I love food” — a phrase you hear, read, and see everywhere.  But when I say I love food . . . I mean I love baking with it, cooking with it, learning the complexities behind it, and of course, eating it. I am even going to school to study food!


In the Kitchen: I grew up in a household oriented around food. At six years old, my dad would let me help him cook dinner or make pasta with him.  At that same age, my mom taught me how to make chocolate chip cookies, which I made at least once a week for over a year and distributed all over the neighborhood. Our dogs are even named Kale and Barley (hence the logo being a leaves of kale and husks of barley)! Nowadays, you will find me baking much more than chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen — although they still have a tender spot in my heart.

In the City: In the fall of 2017 I began at Drexel, majoring in Food Science/Culinary Arts at Drexel University. I am studying the chemistry of food, with a culinary component to it.  Philadelphia is also home to (in my opinion) some of the best restaurants in the country. I am beyond excited to join the food scene and explore everything it has to offer!

On the Farm:  I work on a local, sustainable dairy farm where we make raw cow’s milk cheese. There, I do everything from milking cows to making cheese to selling cheese at farm markets, and I have come to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating amazing food. Knowing the background to everything I am eating, cooking, or baking just makes every bite more delicious.

On the Run:  Running has always been a passion of mine.  I find it just as therapeutic as baking bread (and baking bread is extremely therapeutic)! One of my goals in life is to complete the six major marathons of the world.  With an active lifestyle comes the need for nourishing, wholesome foods to fuel the body.  Along with baking cookies, cupcakes, and loaves, I love challenging myself to make dishes that are full of nutrients for the long run, without compromising deliciousness.

Follow my journey in the kitchen, in the city, on the farm, and on the run

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