Rosemary Tree and Christmas Glee

This week has been hectic with my first in person final being tomorrow!  I already submitted two final essays for my product development and for my psychology class.  2/5 finals done!

My exam schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  My last exam is organic chemistry at 1 pm on Friday.  This past week was full of studying for my last organic chemistry quiz and an organic chemistry midterm (the week before finals, I know, Drexel is weird)

…I am writing this blog post between studying for my exams as my “break”, so no recipe this week, just an update on my life. 

Barley visited Philadelphia for his first therapy visit as a CHOP therapy dog!

I joined a volunteer focused sorority at Drexel called Gamma Sigma Sigma (Gamma Sig). This is my big, and my twin the night of the reveal! 

Student ambassadors hosted a hide and go seek night last week in the Main Building of Drexel.   I get competitive with games.  I was found in a garbage bin (go big or go home)

Pumpkin Pie Latte from Joe to get me out of my funk. 

Friday was our end of term student ambassador holiday party.  This night was crazy because we played a game in which Gabriella(far left) and I got SUPER competitive.  Spencer (left of me) won a Keurig too!  All in all is was a fun night with friends!

My world cuisine class had a friends and family dinner.  Nora, who is also in the class) and I made a TON of gimbap. Gimbap is cooked rice rolled with other things in gim(dried sheets of laver seaweed). Nora and I chose to do vegetable gimbap. 

Last but not least, our Christmas tree! Instead of the going the traditional route, Tori and I got a rosemary Christmas tree.  Not only does it smell amazing, but we can use it for cooking too.  We decorated it with ornaments, including a Drexel ornament a professor gave me the same day I bought the tree.